What is Whoolala?

Whoolala is a cross-border shopping APP that specializes in cutting-edge fashion in Asia.
Like its name, each user who opens the APP constantly finds out interesting things and has "whoolala" feelings!


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  • steve
    Steve Murray CEO

    British, speaking fluently Mandarin, being the former art director of Topshop; his understanding of Asian fashion is limited to Cheongsam. He has lived in China for 5 years, and witnessed unique Asian designs emerging in recent years, so he decided to create an incubator for Asian fashion designers, a brand for Asian designers on the global network to continue serving Asians in the world.

  • steve
    Lukas Hlavac COO

    Czechoslovakian, loving to eat roasted goat meat in the North West, having 2 master's degrees and 7 years of marketing experience in Asia; he has brought the high-end European decorative lamp design LASVIT to Chinese market successfully. He is like a fashion conveyor who protects modern Asian fashion to develop strongly and firmly believes Asia is the next fashion center.



    Rain Woo is a New York-based Chinese designer, "I am a normal person, doing things that are not normal. Some people find themselves special, but they do the most normal things." Design inspiration comes from small details in life, like a woman who loves flowers and does not want flowers to die.


    Taking Highway 66 towards liberation emotions and pursuing dreams as a starting point, incorporating with American culture, blending elements such as labor clothes, railcars, and re-enacting beautiful views of different ages, creating a new ancient recovery trend

  • F5S

    Always hold on to the original point of view: The view creates a mix of functionality and fashion, bringing city-specific designs into each bag.


    Not putting all of your heart and mind, not try to satisfy everyone. Bringing a comfortable but not arbitrary living attitude into the design. They think that clothes help women's body become higher, pursuing the true but very delicate beauty, trying to help every design express the vitality.


    AN ARCH GLANCE was established in the spring of 2014, with a mischievous look, filled with unexpected charm. Because of the warmth of handmade products, two young women of the same mind have chosen to study handmade footwear industry. They hope each of these stylish and comfortable pairs of shoes can help each step have a solid love.“And she/he smiled with AN ARCH GLANCE……”

  • WILA

    A Thai luxury fashion brand, "Wear the art" to pursue the great beauty, Wila always studies unique technology and pattern.


  • Explore the success factor of fashion brand with the Topshop director <br />

    Explore the success factor of fashion brand with the Topshop director

  • Share the fashion business secret<br /> coming from the Paris Fashion Week and Kate Spade will

    Share the fashion business secret
    coming from the Paris Fashion Week and Kate Spade will

  • BUBBLE BOMB Fashion Party <br />Post new products of many authentic brands

    BUBBLE BOMB Fashion Party
    Post new products of many authentic brands

  • Sharing story and experience at <br /> 4 Great Fashion Weeks will

    Sharing story and experience at
    4 Great Fashion Weeks will

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